What is Barter?

Trading goods and services is the oldest method of conducting business.

The Barter Group eliminates the limitations of one-on-one trading, where each business must want what the other one has to offer, and must have what the other one needs. We simplify the process to a dollar value that can be earned and spent with any other member in the exchange system.

How does Barter work for my business?

  • Increase Sales and Profitability

    Bartering ensures that all of your resources are being used to their full potential without increasing overhead. Many times you many not realize it but there is always the potential to grow your business. Barter allows you to move excess inventory and to retain key employees.

  • Save Cash

    Cash is very important in a monetary economy. When you barter, your products and/or services become your biggest asset. You are now able to purchase products and/or services based on your potential to make new income rather than being limited to the cash that you have in the bank. And, TBG will bring you the new income.

  • Hedge Against Downtrends In Business

    Barter remains unaffected during recessionary trends. In many economies in the world barter replaces cash as the method of exchange during economic crisis. When cash is scarce, this is the time to trade excess inventory and to fill down-time with new business that would otherwise not be your customers.

  • Higher Visibility Within The Business Community

    By becoming a TBG member you are able to reach a larger customer base and now have the potential to make sales to a customer that may not have known about your company. This new customer can potentially refer many cash customers to your door.

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